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Who are David & Naomi?

In 1981 at the Colerain Ave Camp Washington Chapel, David became an assistant pastor for a small store front church in Cincinnati.  The next year, at age 19, he became the “senior pastor.”   David and Naomi met at Camp Washington Chapel and were married while he was still pastor there.  They later pastored in large and small churches in Newport KY, Kansas City MO, Fairfax OK, and Devine TX.  He understands the struggles of the small church from personal experience.  

In 1998 David and Naomi moved to the Philippines.  As a Field Strategy Coordinator he worked with hundreds of small churches.  Jesus built His church in the Philippines from 200 to 350 active churches. 

In 2012 David and Naomi moved to Southeast Asia to coordinate strategies for the Church of the Nazarene.  Jesus built His church in Southeast Asia from about 110 to about 200 active churches. 

David & Naomi have a passion for evangelism, discipleship and leadership development from 38 years of ministry experience.