Structure Resources

Challenging buildings, challenging reports, challenging sound systems, challenging music, challenging people! The business of a small church is no easy task. The leaders of these churches are some of the best leaders in the world.   Each small church blesses the world in unique ways.  Each small church faces challenges.  We can help you with small church resources for the business of the church. 

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Life Resources


How do people become Christlike? Discipleship is the new meme.  Do we need to educate people more?  Do we need to build in small group structures?  How do we know if a person has been discipled?   The overwhelming number of voices can make discipleship seem confusing and difficult.   We help make this simple and plain – but not easy!   Obedience is costly!  Small church resources don’t have to be expensive to be effective.  We can teach people to obey all that Christ has commanded us. 





Work – Resources for engaging the world for Christ!


Most Christians live in a hostile culture.  The old methods for evangelism seem to be out of date.   Being bold and open about the good news can invite persecution.   What is the best way forward?   What small church resources make a kingdom impact?  We give specific practical suggestions but no easy ones.